The General Curiosity and Disdain for Upcoming Democratic Debates

The Democratic presidential debates kick off this Wednesday and Thursday, with 20 out of the 24 declared candidates qualified to perform.

As Libertarian Republic reporter Daniel Herrera noted, “while it may seem as if having more candidates to choose from would make voters excited about their potential nominee, some local leaders say Democratic candidates offer little solutions and more puffery.”

For example, Herrera quoted Rich Valdes, host of “This Is America” podcast for New York-based 77WABC, who said, “We’re going to see more of the same ideas that we see coming from Rep. [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and more anti-American rhetoric that is rooted in the communist manifesto.”

According to Herrera, Valdes added that the debate will be like “a debate to determine which of them can raise taxes more than the next, in order to give away more ‘free’ stuff in their pathetic attempts to bribe voters.”

Or as Todd McKinley, potential Republican candidate for Tennessee’s 1st Congressional District, said: “I’ll have my bucket of popcorn. I can’t wait to watch gaffe-prone Low Energy Joe blow his third Presidential run since his first plagiarized attempt in ’88. I say tune in to a two-night reality show where the contestants live in anything but reality.”

H/T: The Libertarian Republic


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