The Mueller testimony didn’t resolve anything

Very little was accomplished at the testimony of former FBI director Robert Mueller Wednesday, as he mumbled, stuttered, and refused to answer basic questions about the investigation.

As Nikki Schwab and Ebony Bowden at the New York Post wrote, “it was [the] testimony the whole country waited for — but former special counsel Robert Mueller could barely be heard at times on Wednesday, stammering through certain responses while asking lawmakers to repeat themselves.”

“He also didn’t lean in to talk directly into the microphone — even after House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler asked that he do so,” added Schwab and Bowden.

Social media platforms were filled with critiques from viewers Wednesday afternoon. For example, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) wrote on Twitter, “He can’t accurately remember facts, evidence, or even his own conclusion.”

The situation was worsened by many lawmakers who talked with each other and their staff during the testimony, adding more noise to a chaotic room filled with reporters and photographers.

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H/T: NY Post