The U.S is Hong Kong’s example, they should act like it

While American leaders lack a commitment to the U.S. example of freedom, the protests in Hong Kong demonstrate that they look to the U.S. as that example.


Mona Charen at the National Review wrote that “The protesters in the streets of Hong Kong have once again reminded us of the power of the U.S. example . . . Hong Kongers carried American flags and sang ‘The Star-Spangled Banner.’”


Hong Kong looks to the U.S. to stand for liberty and therefore oppose China’s invasion to all areas of life. But while Trump enforced tariffs on China, he blunted the effect by also putting tariffs on our allies.


Moreover, as Charen stated, “The challenge from China is more than merely a matter of steel, soybeans, and solar panels. China is seeking to parlay its economic might into global influence. Its ‘belt and road’ initiative is designed to place China at the center of world commerce — on China’s terms.”


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H/T: National Review