Theresa May resigns after failed Brexit deals

After three years in office, British Prime Minister Theresa May resigned Friday morning amidst rising criticism about her inability to deliver Brexit. After May’s last official day on June 7, she will play the role of caretaker until her Conservative Party completes the process of replacing her.

Kim Hjelmgaard at USA Today reported that “foreign affairs experts say there is unlikely to be any major impact on Britain's close relationship with the United States as a result of May's departure. It's been forged through hundreds of years of economic and cultural ties, two world wars, the Cold War, several Middle East conflicts and cooperation fighting terrorism.”

Britain is due to leave the EU on October 31, with or without a formal exit deal, and May's departure “injects new uncertainty into what it means for the fate of Brexit,” Hjelmgaard wrote. Moreover, the new Prime Minister will most likely face the same problem that May had: May’s time in office was consumed by the fight to get British Parliament to approve a Brexit deal that was acceptable to the majority of lawmakers.



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