Trump beats Dems in Federal Court on Emoluments Clause lawsuit

On Wednesday the Fourth circuit federal court of appeals rejected a case alleging that President Donald J Trump was violating the Emoluments clause of the US Constitution.

Initially, the President was sued by the Democrat attorneys general of Maryland and D.C. They claimed he was violating the Constitution by accepting hotel business from foreign countries.

Three-judge appeals court panel ruled that the AGs lacked jurisdiction to sue; all three were Republican appointees.

“This is a victory for the Constitution and the rule of law, a federal appeals court applied the law. The President is not on the payroll of a foreign government and foreigners using a hotel does not constitute a violation of the Emoluments Clause.”

— Mark Levin

Trump took to Twitter for a victory lap and proclaimed the case was a product of the 'Deep State'; one more lawsuit continues, filed by hundreds of Democratic lawmakers.


Given the precedent set forth by this Court, it is believed that this case will be viewed as frivolous and lacking the necessary standing to make its way to the US Supreme Court.




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