Trump implements immigration law 23 years after it passed

The Trump administration is now implementing the toughest sovereignty law ever — twenty-three years after Congress nearly unanimously passed it.

The law, which passed in 1996, declares that all illegal aliens be deported without any review by an immigration judge unless the illegal immigrant can prove to the “satisfaction of an immigration officer” that he has resided here for two consecutive years.

As Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review wrote, “the key point is that Trump is not inventing anything new; he is merely implementing the law that his predecessors ignored.”

This is a big step towards protecting American citizens, Horowitz continued, “both at the border and in the interior.”

“At the border, anyone not claiming asylum would be immediately deported,” Horowitz wrote. “Even those claiming asylum . . . can be immediately rejected by DHS if their claims are bogus.” Moreover, removing the illegal immigrants instead of putting them through the process of immigration court would significantly reduce the number of those, including dangerous criminals, who break their terms of bail but wind up remaining in the country indefinitely.

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H/T: Conservative Review