Trump Mulls More Tariffs on China

On Monday, Chinese state media agencies called on the American people to condemn President Trump’s claim that he would impose additional tariffs on Chinese imports.

Business Insider reports multiple Chinese state-owned media outlets launched attacks on the President. One of these outlets, The Global Times, also published an English version of the editorial criticizing the Trump administration.

“The trade war in the US is the creation of one person and one administration, but it affects that country’s entire population. In China, the entire country and all its people are being threatened,” The Global Times wrote. “For us, this is a ‘real people’s war.’”

“The most important thing is that in the US-China trade war, the US side fights for greed and arrogance,” The Global Times added. “The Chinese side is fighting back to protect its legitimate interests.”

China has since countered President Trump’s tariff increases on an additional $300 billion of Chinese imports by saying they would increase their own tariffs on $60 billion of American imports beginning June 1.

Read more about the tariffs and what Chinese media are saying at Business Insider.

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