Trump suggests there’s a secret reason why Obama hasn’t endorsed Biden

As he continues to refer to former vice president Joe Biden as “sleepy,” President Trump has recently suggested that there is a “big secret” as to why Biden has not been endorsed by his former boss Barack Obama.

“He was the vice president. They seemed to have gotten along. President Obama not endorsing him is rather… a big secret,” Trump told The Hill.

Shortly after announcing his 2020 run, Biden told Fox News in April that he had asked his former boss not to support him publicly. Trump, however, has accused Biden of lying about the matter.

“He’s embarrassed that Obama’s not endorsing him, so he goes out and says, 'I asked President Obama not to endorse me,' Trump told The Hill. “So, it could be that President Obama knows something because there is something going on in that brain of his.

As Fox News’ Liam Quinn reported, Obama's team “released a statement praising Biden; the statement stopped short of endorsing him.” Perhaps there is no secret, perhaps he merely believes Biden can’t win and does not want to back a losing candidate. But for whatever reason, the former president appears hesitant to stand by his old running mate.

H/T: Fox News

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