TSA Deploying Hundreds of Officials to Border Due to Illegal Alien Influx

Due to the recent influx of illegal entrances at the southern border, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) plans to send officials to the border to aid the Department of Homeland Security.

Fox News reported that the move is “expected to consist of a few hundred officials, with a maximum of 400 volunteers, ranging from department attorneys to, potentially, some air marshals. CNN reported that the agency does not initially plan to involve uniformed airport screeners, but that some parts of TSA will be asked to contribute around 10 percent of their workforce.”

As Fox News reports, this is largely a result of U.S. Customs and Border Protection having to apprehend or turn away “more than 109,000 migrants attempting to cross the border in April, the second month in a row the number has topped 100,000 and averaged more than 3,000 apprehensions a day.”

Every day, thousands of illegal immigrants are taking advantage of the loopholes in our legal framework, and the numbers are currently greater than they have been for the past decade. In response, President Trump continues to call Congress to block these loopholes and allow funding for a secure border.

Rachel Kookogey is a contributor to TheRichValdes.com
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