US Sending Military to Saudi Arabia in Response to Iranian Aggression

On Friday,  Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that President Trump has approved the deployment of US forces to the UAE in response to Iranian aggression.

CNN reports that "there will be a “moderate deployment” of troops sent to Saudi Arabia after oil strike but won’t say how many troops - says it won’t be thousands. US defense leaders say they don’t want war with Iran."

RT reports "More US troops and air defense systems are headed for the Persian Gulf to “bolster defenses” of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has announced.

Speaking at the Pentagon on Friday, Esper blamed the September 14 attack on Saudi oil facilities on Tehran, calling it a “dramatic escalation of Iranian aggression” in the region. In response to requests for assistance from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Esper said the US will expedite the delivery of weapons and send more troops and equipment to the Gulf, primarily “air and missile defense” assets.

Exact details of the deployment are still being worked out, said General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, adding that he could only describe it as “not thousands.”

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