Valdes on Fox News: Trump Committed No Crime

“This Is America” podcast host Rich Valdes told Shannon Bream on Fox News that the Democrats’ infighting about impeaching Trump is “proof” that there is no basis for impeachment.

Valdes appeared on Fox News with Bream and Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene on Monday night after California congresswoman Katie Porter announced her support for the impeachment of Trump.

The three discussed the impact of new impeachment supporters, which Greene said she believed would influence other Democrats who have either been unsure or have silently supported the idea of impeachment.

Valdes responded that the push for impeachment is based on a “fantasy”— “this idea that if we say it enough times it will become truth. But the reality is that there’s nothing to it. They’re manipulating the media as best they can to try to push this story.”

While Greene called Trump a criminal and compared the long fight for the president’s impeachment to the Watergate scandal, Valdes held that there was no crime. “We had a prosecutor spend forty and some odd million dollars, and tons of time, to discover there was no crime, there was no predicate, there wasn’t even probable cause,” Valdes said. “And nobody else was arrested, for number one. Number two: the executive branch, the FBI, the Department of Justice, has never ever existed to be a propagandistic tool, or the opposition research arm of the Democratic Party.”