Valdes on Newsmax TV: ‘Giuliani is a patriot, Harris is a death sentence’

On Thursday, Rich Valdes joined Newsmax TV’s “National Report” with hosts Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg, and fellow panelists John Fleming and Mark Halperin.

Valdés, who hosts the “This Is America with Rich Valdes“ podcast series, criticized President Biden’s choice to put VP Harris in charge of his proposed American Family Plan. Valdés quipped that Harris has been an “abysmal failure” on border policy and would be a “death sentence for (policy related to) the American family!”

Switching gears to the DOJ’s search warrant raid on former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s New York City brownstone, Valdes contended that systemic corruption in the Department’s leadership was evident with the political prosecution on former President Trump. Valdés added, “Rudy Giuliani is an American patriot, he’s an iconic New Yorker” and that “this is just to smear him, to hurt him, and ultimately hurt Donald J. Trump.”