Video: Mayor de Blasio refuses to answer abortion question

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In an interview with Fox News’ “Hannity” show host Sean Hannity Wednesday night, Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio said he supports women’s rights to choose but would not clarify whether or not he supported any restrictions on abortion. At one point, Hannity brought up a proposed Virginia law that would allow women to end her pregnancy right up to the moment before birth.

Do you support any restrictions until the baby's born?" Hannity asked.

"I believe it's a smokescreen because it doesn't happen in America. Women make this choice. It's a sacred choice," de Blasio said.

"Eight months into pregnancy, should a woman be allowed legally to have an abortion?" Hannity pressed.

De Blasio ended the discussion by saying: "again, I've told you I believe woman's right to choose. Period.”

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