VIDEO: Valdes on Acosta, Epstein Case

Rich Valdes, Host of “This Is America” on Talk Radio 77WABC’s original podcast network, faced off with independent journalist Walker Bragman on NewsmaxTV’s Liquid Lunch with John Tabacco Wednesday to discuss what should be done with Secretary Acosta and Jefferey Epstein.


Valdes said an investigation was not necessary, and that “a lot of times people are going to go lenient on people not because they support pedophiles, or because they want to help this guy, but because they want him to give up more information — putting the screws to this guy. That’s how it works, so when you have one side of the story and you’re hearing that Acosta did this deal with Epstein, there’s a lot that we need to know and that we may never know because it is classified.”

Valdes and Bragman agreed that Epstein should be prosecuted, and that it is disturbing to see powerful people receive different standards of justice than everyone else.

“Justice needs to be done . . . we can’t have a two-tiered justice system,” Valdes said.


“I think if you’re on the left or if you’re on the right, you don’t want to see powerful people let off the hook, or get sweetheart deals,” Bragman stated. “You’d like to see even justice across the board no matter who you are.”


Bragman furthered that the Democratic party problematically makes a big deal out of the news and yet rarely takes action on it.


“The facts are clear that this pedophile got a sweetheart deal . . . but they don’t seem to have the motivation or political will to do anything,” Bragman said. “They look at Trump as a political gift, and don’t recognize that there are very real problems they need to do something about.”


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