White House denounces New Zealand Mosque Murderer

In the wake of the horrific massacre by a white supremacist terror attack in Christchurch, NZ.  The ambush was broadcast live on social media by the deranged shooter. President Trump offered condolences on the tragedy. and pledged to support and stand in solidarity with New Zealand in fighting extremist terrorism.

Lamentably, critics in the media took to the airwaves to inculpate or associate Trump because of the shooters alleged manifesto citing his disagreements with Trump and his desire to see White Nationalists in the US spark a civil war.

Per OAN and PolitiWeek, White House Strategic Communications Director, Mercedes Schalpp took exception to the critics' shady attempt to malign the President, saying: “Yeah, it’s outrageous to even make that connection between this deranged individual that committed this evil crime to the president, who has repeatedly condemned bigotry, racism and has made it very clear that this is a terrorist attack,” stated Schlapp. “And we are there to support and stand with the people of New Zealand.”

h/t: Politiweek.com